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"Amy Melissa Bentley portrays seventh-grader Zoey in a youthful timbre and an upbeat tone. However, Bentley's cheerful voice soon flags as Zoey reflects on the oppressive environment in which she lives."


Narrator Amy Melissa Bentley creates distinct voices for the characters, making each one sound as the listener might imagine... Bentley makes this fashion-conscious audiobook accessible even to the less fashion aware and keeps listeners glued to their headphones."

"Bentley's accents and attitudes are just right as she portrays a bright, hopeful Dixie... Gritty writing and a brutally truthful narration make this poignant listening."

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"Bentley's performance gives Claire a lively excitement, showing how dedicated she is to her fictional world-building."

"Bentley balances all the emotions Charlotte experiences...Bentley creates a unique voice for each of the different characters, bringing the dialogue to life."

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"Bentley provides a New York accent that is accurate in cadence and intonation, setting the stage for this Queens romance. Bentley approaches challenging moments with the questioning and apologetic humility that characterize young Isabel."

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